The Photon series is our flagship line of lights, and the second generation of the Photons brings many of the features our customers have requested from us since the release of the widely popular Photon Series. The Photon V2 breaks away from the ugly “Black Boxes” of the past, bringing a beautiful slim profile and high end hardware at an affordable price.

The Photon V2 uses 5 watt Cree XT-Es, and 3 watt Cree, Semi, and Osram diodes, bringing the Photon V2 up to date with the latest in LED technology. There are also 6 dimming channels, so you can have precise control over every color.

Our layout is based on years of reef keeping, research, and consulting with experts and renowned hobbyists on the subject of LED lighting and your corals. We target both chlorophyll and the accessory proteins in coral tissues which aide in growth and color. Just ask one of our customers– our layout is one of the best around and has been for years!

Each light is now made with a slim, 100% extruded aluminum case which will not rust in a marine environment and is built to last, unlike the steel cases the black box lights use. Each light includes adjustable tank mounting legs as well as the standard hanging set. Alternatively, you can use the T track on top of the light with your own bolts, for almost limitless mounting configurations.

The Photon V2s are cooled with silent, temperature-controlled fans. The Air moves over the heat-sink and never comes into contact with the internal electronics, keeping all components cool and dry.

The new Photon V2 includes a wireless hand-held controller that can program multiple Photon V2 units at the same time. You can program the light to change all 6 channels every hour for a sunrise, sunset, and moonlight simulation. Because of the WiFi signal the controller uses, you can even program your lights through a canopy while comfortably seated across the room.

The Photon V2  is backed in the USA by our full 2 year warranty, which covers parts, labor, and shipping for the entire fixture and controller, both ways.

The exact dimming channel breakdown is as follows:

Channel 1Deep Red2Osram3watt660nm
Channel 2Green2Semi LED3watt520nm
Channel 3Royal Blue8Cree XT-E5watt450nm
Channel 4White10Cree XP-E5watt5500K
Channel 5Cool Blue6Cree XP-E3watt480nm
Channel 6Violet8Semi LED3watt420nm

Click Here to download our layout.


Wattage at Full Power115watts
At Half Power65watts
MH Comparison250watt
Number of LEDs36

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Photon 16-V2

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